Pyromelodic Festival – Cannes – July and August

Cannes Pyro-Melodic Festival takes place every summer in front of the wordwide famous Croisette. You will be enchanted by the unique colours of the fireworks combined with charming musics. The best way to enjoy this beautiful show is to rent a boat: you will have the an exceptional, front-line view.

The Dates for the 2019 Edition:

  • July 14th – Surex – Poland
  • July 21st – Arteventia – France
  • July 29th – Jupiter – Argentina
  • August 7th – Alpha Pyro – France
  • August 15t – Joho Pyro – Finland
  • August 24th – Dragon Fireworks – Philippines

For further information about the shows or to rent a boat,  e-mail us.

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